Paradise On Tap -'s Tap Water Initiative with Water Sommelier Martin Riese

The Aruba Tourism Authority created an initiative to encourage visitors to use refillable water bottles and let people know their tap water was not only potable, but also delicious. 

Teaming up with water sommelier Martin Riese and hiring Side B Productions for both video production and photography, the Paradise On Tap initiative launched recently to great fanfare including an article on Men’s Journal.

We are incredibly proud of the work we did on this project and look forward to working with them again. 

Video Production
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Paradise on Tap – Aruba’s Delicious Drinking Water
Paradise on Tap – Aruba’s Delicious Drinking Water

You might know Aruba for its award-winning beaches, but did you know our tap water is not only potable, but so delicious that we even call it Paradise on Tap? We teamed up with Certified Water Sommelier Martin Riese for his expert stamp of approval – see what he has to say about taking a sip of paradise (on tap)!